The Baker

Hi! My name is Zulsiramar Huyke, and this foodie is the founder and baker of Zulsweets, the online guilt free bake shop.  As you may have guessed, I have a wild passion for sweets and  baked goods.  So, you may be surprised to find that I am equally as passionate about staying fit and healthy in the most natural ways possible.  I believe that everyone should have options when it comes to choosing foods that they both enjoy and also know are good for their bodies.  That is why I created Zulsweets.  I am bringing my passion for healthy food and healthy living to you, so that you no longer have to compromise when it comes to a love for food as well as healthy living.

Before I became a certified chef at the Institute of Culinary Education, I always embraced earth conscious practices.  Being born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, one grows up appreciating nature, fresh natural foods and beautiful diverse cultures.  My education and connection to culture have deeply influenced my recipes and practices as you can see through the inclusion of many ingredients that are organic, sustainable, and locally sourced as often as possible.

I'm sure you will agree, that it is difficult to indulge in our favorite sweets without guilt...and temptations are just too good!  But, we should not have to choose between being healthy and indulging in the sweet life.  The idea of sweets that do good for you inspired me to put my culinary degree, environmental research and extensive nutrition knowledge to work and to come up with the Guilt Free Bake Shop!